Monday, January 21, 2008

Shut Down or Restart?

I like my Mac OSX machine, almost as much as I liked my previous Linux machine. One thing I cannot stand is when I get some random update for QuickTime and iTunes. I don't really use either package but instead of seeing these in my 'need to patch' list I decided to upgrade them today. Then I see this:
I don't want to Shut Down or Restart. In fact what is so special about iTunes and/or QuickTime that this new version requires the entire machine to be rebooted?!
I'm running a VMWare session now doing some Watir tests, I have Emacs open, an IRB session, a busy Firefox, and other stuff. I don't want to reboot! I actually like X11 better than the Mac interface for one huge reason. If some program like "Software Update" wanted me to make a dumb choice like Fire or Frying Pan I could kill it and my window manager would tell X11 not to talk to that application any more. As a user I should have the ability to do that. I moved the dialog window to the lower left corner but it's parent window is still glaring at me. Grrrr Apple, fix this!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Austin Police working hard to keep us safe from speeders. I wonder if there would be less speeding tickets if
  1. No money changed hands for speeding tickets. You had to do community service or lost your license for a week.
  2. There was a device you could point at a car and figure out if they were driving dangerously. Too many lane changes, cut someone off pulling out in front of someone,...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Favela 78 Sucks

My new cube, Favela 78, sucks worse now. A client facing guy just got the empty office next to the developers and he is loud. Ghaaaa I don't want to hear every client call now.