Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Allstate sucks

Allstate sucks, I told them that on the phone today.
Background: Almost 2 weeks ago on Friday 9-Nov-2007 my car was struck. They gave me a claim number when I called in an hour after the accident. I was told that they would get back to me by 2:00pm on Saturday or 5:00pm on Monday latest. When did I hear from them? When I called Tuesday morning. Apparently they could not get a hold of the insured.
Today my wife and sister have all sorts of advice about what I should do. I call Allstate and they tell me that they STILL have not contacted any of the insured so we started looking them up and calling the one number we could find. I called their agent Eric Russell Brand at 281-242-3755 and got a machine. So I keep hearing grumbling about what I should and should not do.
I guess I will subrogate with Farmers and be out my monster deductible and rental car fees until Allstate (who sucks) settles.
So, since everyone is giving me advice why not just post it here?
When a 20 year old kid runs a red light in a big pickup truck and the family doesn't bother to even call their insurance company about it what do you do?
  • Wait longer
  • Subrogate and get my car fixed now (if it can be)
  • Hire a lawyer (yes I don't feel right still)
Follow up: after 1 month they did own up to the accident and Allstate paid out.


a little mad girl said...

my advice? sell the car. it's just a miniature prison.

Anonymous said...

get a lawyer. Or have the police call them-- did you file a police report? When I was hit, the lady wouldnt return my insurance company's calls either....she finally responded when the police got involved.