Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lifetime Fitness Bill

I guess this is a common theme lately, thing sucking, that is. But I just found out today that Lifetime Fitness is ripping me off too now. They decided to add my children to the bill, at first I just thought I bought something at the café but when the second charge rolled on after I had not been at the club for a month I knew it was a 'new price' they came up with. I wrote this nasty letter and the next day they fixed the bill and apologized. Problem solved.

I wondered why my already high bill went from $54 to $67 and found out today that you just decided to start charging for my children. My children that don't like your gym and don't go. They stopped going when all the auto-belays were not functioning for 6 months. When we got NO money back for our 'sports' membership that was like a regular membership for half a year. I'm over that now, mostly.

So I have kids that don't go to Lifetime and you try to slip an extra charge on the bill. Not only for November but for December. I am not happy. The guy at the desk was no help taking off the charge for December and reversing the charge for last month. I got a dumb "It was already charged" response.

PLEASE FIX THIS BEFORE DECEMBER 1 OR I WILL QUIT. I will also dispute my December charge as I never agreed to have an extra charge for kids and I will dispute the November charge as it is also not what we agreed on.

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