Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blogging again after 3 years off

So I haven't blogged in what... 3 years. Wow a lot has happened, I got a great job at Convio but quit when it turned out to be bad for my career and now I'm at Uplogix. I was hired in to lead the testing there but after a bit of a management change I am now 'the automation guy' that isn't automating yet. I hope this will improve very quickly.

I started a testing blog here but need a place to put the other developments in my life so I don't have to go over the same parts with everyone and we can just talk about the interesting aspects.

I am cycling now but that was a bigger part of my life last year as I was commuting to work on the bike. When Uplogix moves to 360 I will start riding again. Ever office building needs at least one shower for cyclists. I did do the BP MS150, Hottern'n Hell 100 and the HCCC this year. The last event was rough (road and I was in bad shape) but I did three 100+ mile events thus year. Only half of the 6 I planned on doing. I'll blame all the extra hours at work for my crappy performance this year.

I am also into photography, I always was but now have a Canon 30D and some nice lenses and a great flash. Most of my photographs are family and similar stuff. I did have a professional site but didn't sell enough photos to justify keeping smugmug's $150/year pro account and didn't see a good way of merging my regular smugmug account and the pro account without it being a big mess. I feel bad, I wish I had the account but I only sold 4 photos after shooting a for 8 hours.

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