Sunday, November 25, 2007

Death and destruction

Well it is really the other way around. Yesterday we got 4 new fish at Petsmart.

Three of the fish in this picture will be dead within 24 hours but I am skipping ahead. We figured out when we got home that the bowl pictured so we decided to hit Craig's list for a new tank. The current resident of this tank, Darty we called him, didn't like the fish Dylan picked. Dylan btw is not connected to those colored finger nails. So Darty had to be put in a timeout... glass for the evening.

The next morning Dylan comes into the bedroom where a tired Dad is feeling lazy . And we call the number on Craig's List to buy the 10 gallon Tank for $20. So I get up and take my shower, after my shower I decide to do weigh myself and check body fat on the scale. Before I do that I prep the Treo with the page I once recorded (again I foreshadow) all of this information. I find out that the keypad is no longer functioning at all. I start getting mad but still in control at this point. I tap it on the bathroom counter and get some of the keys working. However the shift and number-shift keys don't work, grrr it isn't usable.
So I try this tapping 'fix' again and the screen cracks. This is when I loose it. DAMMIT I don't want another phone. And apparently I didn't want the data off of it because I threw it at the tile floor in the bathroom.
Why do I loose it from time to time? My car gets jacked up and Allstate does nothing while they try to contact guy that hit me. My gym sucks and I need to quit. The other car starts overheating on the way to the airport. Hell, I hate my job too.

I quit Convio because they wouldn't let me do what was right and now I'm at Uplogix doing that same thing, manual testing, for 60 hours a week again. There is hope at Uplogix if we can hire more testers to do the stuff I don't want to do.

Last time I got this mad I left Convio and smashed stuff outside the threw seeds when I returned pissing off a co-worker. I still think it is funny to throw seeds... from a tree.

Enough destruction, on to the deaths. We lost three pets today after getting this fish tank. Daisy is fine for all of the dog fans out there. So while cleaning and preparing this new 10 gallon tank for all the fish that would get along we left the other fish in their cramped quarters. I put some bubbles into the water while scrubbing the Craig's List tank but we had to let the new tank sit for a couple of hours with the filtered conditioned water. Fish like it that way. When we return from Nana's house Katie's fish, Yeornge I think for its yellow orange color, is dead as it the smaller of Trevor's two.
Katie is sad and crying when she comes out of the car. So we quickly get the two live fish, that play well together, and add them to the tank with the fish we got with the tank. Katie and Dylan head to Petsmart to replace the two dead fish in a bag.
While this is going on I fix up that small tank is then fixed up for Darty. Within an hour of going to the new tank he dies.
Since Dylan got him from school there is nowhere for him to go back to.
So I decide to write all of this and photograph the two negative things that happened today. I'm not happy with how the dead Darty pictures came out, he deserved better as he is what started this whole fish thing. I have ordered my off camera lighting gear but I will write about that stuff in my photo blog.

If it wasn't so late I would photograph the fish tank with the 5 live happy fish in it. But I have to be ready to drive my borrowed car to a job that I don't think I will enjoy. I do like the Frappuccinos though. Convio didn't have that, or a manager committed to letting me do test automation the way I think is right. Things should turn around soon. I also noticed they have a low cal version of the Mocha Frappuccino, since I don't have a gym to go to soon.

I can't bring the fish back to life, I tried. The phone too. Do I get another Treo... or a free phone or just go phoneless to save some $60/month? I'd love the money more than a phone I think.

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