Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm not going to die just yet

After all of the stress at work, my grandmother passing away, and a ton of other things I felt like I was having a heart attack. I tried doing the guy thing and ignoring it until it went away but the flutter feeling was becoming a distraction and casing more stress. So last week I got an ECG. It turned out to be normal as was my blood pressure and pulse. That was the first night I felt right in 3 weeks so I went to the gym the following night. Then got on the roof to put up Christmas lights.

My son, Dylan, took these and I forgot to set the ISO to 100 when I gave him the camera. The camera needs a warning light when you haven't used it > 4 hours and the ISO isn't working for the camera. ISO too low is easy to detect when everything is a blur and you hear the mirror flip up for too long. ISO 3200, these pictures, is harder to detect.

I did manage to get some right ISO pictures from the roof.
One thing I noticed up there was that my neighbor in the back parks his car in the back yard near his porch. It is hard to not notice as he does this often. When you are standing on your roof you really ask yourself why. Does he frequently unload something and that location is closer to the destination? Afraid someone will steal it? Or, I like this one the best, he loves his car so much that he wants to remind himself how smart he is by parking it in plain view all day long, perhaps even sitting on the back porch for hours just looking at it.
I didn't actually bring the camera up there to spy on my neighbor, it was just a target of opportunity. I really wanted to capture the sea of suburbia that you see from up there.

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