Friday, December 14, 2007

New Office

Well, I spent my first full week in my new office. The sound of the fridge has been replaced with a loud AC unit and chatter from half the building. My view is this horrible pattern of squares trying to trick me into thinking I am in a cube. But I m in a pen or stall, since I have a movable door I'll go with stall.
I need to go back into software development so I get an office in situations like this instead of an interior pen.
The pen picture has been color corrected for the ugly green florescent lights that shine above me. I wonder if I will get in trouble if I unscrew some of them. The worst ones are over the support area and they haven't moved in yet. Ghaaaa I do not want to hear support calls all day any more than they want to hear me burp the alphabet.
I liked the old office. It had a window! I guess this is what I get for going into SW test.

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