Sunday, December 02, 2007

Got a new phone

If anyone wants to call again after the phone was smashed I have a new one. I hear lots of bad things about the Treo/Palm phones, mainly from people that work at Sprint. I had a Blackberry and hated it, it ran no software at the time and the Treo ran everything made for a Palm. The Palm wasn't without its problems but now I have a Sanyo Katana II and I HATE the thing. I had major buyers remorse after getting it. I was not ready to get a new phone but hat a lot of pressure to get one so I got sick of looking and bought it for $200 with $150 off for extending the Sprint contract. The menus on the thing are horrible and how does anyone text without the full keyboard. But the Palm Sprint wants $35o for the Palm device running PalmOS since I didn't want to pay an extra $20/month for data. I hate cell phones.
So after that short rant... you can call me. I will not be calling people until my work life stops creeping into my personal life so much I cannot even figure out this phone.

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